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We are in the final critical weeks of the campaign to prevent Boris’ hard Brexit. We have to campaign with skill and with numbers to turn the tide, and then be in a position to fight the bigger campaign to keep the UK in the EU. Please, support us as much as you can at this critical moment!

Help us beat Brexit and beat Boris!

by Cambridge Stays

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Cambridge Stays

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In September 2019, Britain should have already exited the European Union, yet we are still here. This is a reason to have hope, and a reason to keep fighting, but now we find ourselves with not only our membership of a European democracy under threat, but of a British one too.
Boris’ actions in proroguing Parliament forced Cambridge Stays’ hand to organise a pop-up rally on Wednesday 28 August, with a strong turnout. His actions have raised the temperature greatly on these two months in the run up to Hallowe’en.
Few seriously think the UK will leave the European Union after 31 October, but we are up against the countdown clock, and we’ve found that we are still falling short. After the summer break we need to restock on some of our supplies, as well as investing in new and better equipment. For this we need your help.
  • £600 will enable us to bring our audio equipment up to scratch so that we no longer have to rely on others to be heard at rallies!
  • £500 will allow us to carry out the mail-shots and leafleting that are needed to generate action. (£500, is 50,000 households!)
  • And £400 will allow us to invest in a new round of promotional items, so that everybody can fly the colours wherever the campaign takes us.
Please give generously to this, our crowdfunding campaign, so that our speakers actually work at rallies, so that we are able to reach the entire Greater Cambridge area with our messaging, and so that we are able to deliver the fight to where it is needed, be it Cambridge, our friends and allies across the region, or to Parliament Square itself.
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David Wright £30.00 October 19, 2019
Anonymous £500.00 September 08, 2019
£25.00 September 02, 2019
£100.00 September 02, 2019
£50.00 September 03, 2019
Elizabeth Huelin £5.00 September 03, 2019
Emma Kavanagh £10.00 September 02, 2019
Anonymous £10.00 September 02, 2019
Arwen Gilbert £10.00 September 01, 2019