National pro-EU organisations

Britain for Europe – National voice campaigning for continued UK membership of the European Union

European Movement UK –  Independent, cross-party organisation committed to keeping the UK in the EU

Young European Movement UK – Non-partisan platform for under 35s to express their opinions on Europe

Scientists for EU – Campaign by UK scientists to keep the UK in the EU

Healthier in the EU – Grassroots campaign that continues to raise the voice of UK health professionals, carers, patients and researchers in the negotiations and policies following the EU referendum

Best for Britain – No Brexit is better than a bad Brexit

Open Britain – Leading the fight against a hard, destructive Brexit

Information resources and opinion

InFacts – Dedicated to making the most of post-referendum Britain – fighting against a destructive Brexit and campaigning to pull the UK together whether Brexit happens or not

Doorstep EU – Excellent App from Richard Corbett MEP which includes analysis of news headlines, Straight answers to common questions about the EU, Evidence-based tabloid myth rebuttals, and Detailed statistics about the EU’s impact on the UK.

EU Commission in the UK – News from the EU commission’s office in the UK, information about EU funding and investment, and some EuroMyth busting!

Brexit Lies – The lies, half-truths and misrepresentations of the Leave campaign rebutted.

The New European – Pro-Remain newspaper featuring in-depth analysis of the Brexit process.

The Brexit Blog – Analysis of Brexit developments from Chris Grey, Professor of Organization Studies at Royal Holloway, University of London

LSE Brexit blog

University of Cambridge Brexit News

Organisations campaigning for the rights of EU Citzens

The  3 Million – Campaigning to safeguard and guarantee the rights of EU citizens in the UK and British citizens in Europe after Brexit

British in Europe – Standing up for the rights of UK citizens in the EU and EU citizens in the UK

Pro-EU organisations in the East of England Region

List of active Pro-Remain groups in our region (please let us know if we’re missing anyone!)

Other resources

16 Million Rising – The UK’s first, grassroots, Pro-European Radio Show

The 48% and Beyond – Pro-Remain Facebook group